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Sessions with Noga are currently offered by a live video call
or over the phone to anywhere in the world (as well as in person where possible).

  • 4 Sessions Bundle

    4 x 60 min distance healing (save 12% off) $125 per session
    Valid for 12 months
    • Quantum Balance Healing Session
  • 10 Sessions Bundle

    10 X 60 min distance healing (save 26% off) $111 per session
    Valid for 12 months
    • Quantum Balance Healing Session
  • Ultimate Wellness

    Personal development 5 x 60 min. (17% off) $120 per session
    Valid for one year
    • Quantum Balance Healing Session

Having a Session with Noga- What to Expect and What You Will Get:

Noga's one on one sessions offer her clients a powerful and transformative healing experience and they often report immediate relief and a shift out of the condition they came to see her with. The process starts with the client writing to her what they feel they need help with. A personal connection (a session) is then made via video call or by phone. Through an initial conversation in the session, it is solidified what the client's most important issues are and how they need to be addressed. Noga is able to connect with a person's energy field and thereby work on any afflicted physical structures as well as emotional holdings. She is able to stimulate and increase energy flow which aids in healing both the body and mind:

  • Customized session for each individual with highly advanced intuitive ability

  • Identify specific areas in need and infuse them with colours and healing energies and frequencies. This can feel very soothing.

  • A new level of Energy Work that moves toxicity away from the body and promotes repair instantly

  • Noga sees into the body and can help identify bodily imbalances that contribute to the issue and its underline cause. She then works energetically on systems, energy center or anything the body show her to remove blockages and bring the body back into balance from which it can then heal itself naturally

  • Re-balancing the body energetic frequencies or level of vitality of an organ or area in the body by replacing lower frequencies with higher, healthier ones in the form of colors and light

  • Balancing one's energies, balances the body's chemistry, regulates hormones, helps you feel better, and helps you think better. It has been called the self-care and development path of the future, but it empowers YOU  NOW to adapt to the challenges of the 21st century and to thrive within them

  • Offers an effective method for reducing back pain, realigning structure, balancing the nervous system and increase internal organs functionality, endocrine glands and the lymphatic system, releasing emotional blockages, reducing muscle aches, reducing stress and depression, healing injuries, and so much more.

  • Feeling lighter and more centered and balanced,  empowered, renewed, clear, energized and ready to move to whatever your best next is after the session.


  • During a session you will also have a chance to discuss any unresolved emotional or mental issues that may be contributing to imbalances within the body forms and the mind. Old injuries or unprocessed trauma that are acting up as unresolved matter in your body can then come to the surface and start heal. 

  • Sometimes a client may feel blocked in moving forward in an area of life. Noga also works as an excellent life coach and has helped many people to move toward their goals and to a greater awareness of themselves and their purpose and to lead a more real and happy life.

  • Addressing the root cause of disease rather than just working on symptoms creates the space for deep and profound healing to occur.

  • Move toward your goals in life: access and uproot things that slows you down in your life that your subconscious conveys to you over and over. These will present from trauma that is not dealt with or unprocessed, or suppressed emotions that are now have form in the body and the mind, or in structures of the brain, your subconscious, or your nervous system connections. 

  • Spiritual guidance to heal your own life addressing issues and challenges, relationships, and brings you back to your highest essence 

  • Noga will help you shine light on aspects  and core beliefs that are like a blind spot to you , so that you acknowledge them, heal or lighten them, and then, move past them. In doing so, you will rewrite the unconscious story and sub consciousness programming that is being played throughout your day into a meaningful and a fulfilling one.

  • Session is 60 minutes long

Session Packages- The Highway to Fast and Sustainable Health:

A choice between 5 or 10 session packages. these programs are designed for people  who are looking to go deeper into the release of underline cause of illness whether its trauma or unresolved emotions, subconscious and or debilitating beliefs, pattern or issues. Because not all wounds are visible, releasing the deeper levels of causes that created the imbalance in first place is essential to creating a sustainable health. Session packages are available to book when booking any one of the session types available.

Noga is dedicated to helping people healing the seen and the unseen for their mental, physical and emotional well being.

Her one on one sessions offer her clients a powerful and transformative healing experience and they often report immediate relief and a  shift out of the condition they came to see her with. She is passionate about helping people move past immobilizing beliefs and releasing unresolved emotions and energetic blockages in the body. She helped many people as a life coach to move towards their goals and to lead a real and happy life.

Business and Financial Success Coaching

Noga's previous career as a financial analyst and as a professional accountant CPA, MBA enables her to bring her clients a specifically tailored solution to their problem. She had a successful career in the corporate world and held senior executive positions in the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange and in one of the largest Utility companies in Alberta, Canada.  Through her service, the calling became so strong that she decided to dedicate her life full-time to healing herself and those who seek realignment with their fullest potential. 

Noga business and financial success coaching sessions offer clients a multi-levelled kind of approach to managing their business. Her method combines a deep and profound capacity to see and to move with energy, whilst also bringing that to a practical and integrated level in helping people to move through a wide array of challenges. In this way, her method can be profoundly helpful in addressing mental and emotional patterns that slows one's business success, business difficulties, fears or anything that blocks your success or slows you down, helping people to connect to their higher selves.

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