Thank you  Noga! Being wheelchair- bound, I was Not accepting this fate. I went off grid being told my condition was irreversible and inoperable I had one route left to help me - Energy Healers. I heard about Noga’s healing and decided to give it a try. God doesn't make imperfections, man does. Gods gift is the healing power within ourselves but Souls can get tired. Energy healers will help you remember this. Noga helped me remember and Sync my body spirit and mind. My second session with Noga was like waking up from a five year coma. Money worthy for feeling this dam GOOD.

Brenda Logan





"After having tried many different healing protocols from physiotherapy to intensive training to kinesiology to acupuncture and chiropractor I booked my session with Noga.  I had gone through two major knee surgeries, the latest being a total knee replacement and was not able to walk well although it had been well over one year post-operation. To my surprise, I noticed a substantial improvement on the day following my session. I waited a bit to see if it would hold and I’m happy to say that my knee and my walking have greatly improved. I highly recommend working with Noga as she was able to tap into some blockages and help me find my strength and put me back on track!"

Mati Messager- Yoga teacher

"I had an online session with Noga and I was surprised. Her abilities are direct and powerful. At first she worked with me on the energy centres, opening clearing and balancing them. Then she worked on physical pain I had in the body, it opened and she helped me release it and it was gone. It was a very beautiful experience of powerful love healing. She also shared aspects she saw and it was full of care and understanding. I definitely recommend Noga’s healing work."​

Liat Yakobi– Landscape Technician

"Noga works her magic from a distance. After an ankle sprain, I received a few remote sessions via Zoom from her and the recovery time speeded up remarkably. I was able to let go of my crutches sooner than expected. She also helped my brain to feel more balanced and clear and gave support in sorting out mental distress as well. I love when she works with colours because it feels so nurturing and healing. Highly recommend. "

Claudia Parkinson- CranioSacral therapist (& a retired RN)

"I deeply enjoy the sessions with Noga in my heart and bones. She has such a relaxing approach that works through my body tightness and traumas. It always leaves me rested in the sunshine on a fluffy cloud of warmness. I highly recommend working with Noga.”

Simon Hirth- Garden Designer

I've had Quantum Touch sessions with Noga and each time, I've noticed my sensitivity is opened to much more than I'm typically aware of. In one session, we focused on chronic back pain, and she spontaneously connected to early childhood trauma. We moved through it quickly, and I experienced sunshine and beautiful healing within my three-year-old self that remains sweetly intact weeks later. The back pain also vanished and has not returned! Noga has a natural capacity for deep insight and I find her incredibly tender, light and clear as a practitioner. I highly recommend working with her!"

Lyn Norton- Master Gardner

"Dear Noga, after the session with you yesterday, my body felt more relaxed but still tight. But a short while later, maybe about 5-6 pm, it totally released and today it still feels fantastic! (This is after 3-4 weeks of total pain and lots of heavy pain pills, which I really don't like to take, as you know.) Thank you so much!"


"Because of the way I had hurt my body by over-work, stress and 3 concussions, I have used many healers. Noga’s Quantum Healing, is over the phone and it is magical and the truest and lasting healing I have done, magical lady. My brain can function now and the pain in my sprained knees went from being swollen and a 10, to no swelling and 0 pain! And this was after one session with Noga. My knees are still pain-free even after gardening on my knees for 1-1/2 hr the other day. My brain is the happy part for me, getting more functional. It makes life very difficult when it does not function well. What would happen before is I would want to empty a box and I would look at it and there was no next. I could not get into any action, just blank. Now things start to go, “oh I can do this.” Really, it has been amazing working with Noga. To have less pain and more functions. Yippee! Thank you for your inner listening.”

Bonnie Van Rossum - Entrepreneur 

"Noga's quantum healing is amazing and I highly recommend her. Right from the first session, I noticed that major healing took place. I suffered from psoriasis for years. Noga stopped and prevented what could have been a major skin crisis, dead in its tracks to psoriasis free me. In the second session, we went over it just to make sure it wouldn’t come back. We could see it was already out, only the surface skin needed to heal to finish scaring. We would also work on other issues at the same time and Noga helped my body and brain structures release past childhood trauma and memory. I have recommended her since to my friends and family. Everyone has been responding very well to her healing. Don’t hesitate to give her a try, you will know in the first session!"


Patrick Poulin



“I received a session from Noga the day after I had a really bad fall from my bicycle. I had bruises all over and my body hurt, but I had pain especially on my right hip, my knees and my neck. She started with her hands on my right hip, and I don't really know what she did but in about five minutes the pain was considerably less. She continued with her hands on my knees and then on my neck and the same thing happened. During the session I was just relaxing and following her voice. She was making me relate to colours on different parts of my body. Also the way she related to my body was so respectful and caring that it conveyed a sense of sacredness and honour to my body. When she was finished I was so relaxed I really didn't want to move. My body felt a lot better right away but it was the next morning that I really felt way, way better, like I'd been sleeping for a week. I really enjoyed the insights, the depths and the results of the session with Noga.”

Sole Torres – Yoga Teacher and a Message therapist

“I have had several sessions with Noga and, each time, I am happily surprised at how effective she is in assisting my body to find its natural balance and alignment. Noga's approach is sensitive, warm and professional and her method is deep and precise; a lovely combination of the practical and the magical.  I have great confidence in her abilities and recommend her as a practitioner.”

Vistara Conway  -RPsych

“Noga, I want you to know that the healing session you gave me worked and the pain and numbness I had in my toes is now gone! Thanks to you I walked today for 3 hours a total of 15 km without any pain or numbness in the toes. During the session with you I immediately felt the changes and the energy movements in the area. Amazing how you see and feel every change in such depth. You were amazing with me and in seconds my body flowed and corrected itself, I felt it. Love you Nogi I won”.

Shira Ferber – Competitive Swimming Team Coach

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