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Sessions with Noga are available anywhere in the world by a live video call
or over the phone. She offers in-person sessions from her location in Canada.

  • 4 Sessions Bundle

    4 x 60 min distance healing (save 12% off) $125 per session
    Valid for 12 months
    • Quantum Balance Healing Session
  • 10 Sessions Bundle

    10 X 60 min distance healing (save 26% off) $111 per session
    Valid for 12 months
    • Quantum Balance Healing Session
  • Ultimate Wellness

    Personal development 5 x 60 min. (17% off) $120 per session
    Valid for one year
    • Quantum Balance Healing Session
Sessions wit Noga

Sessions with Noga: What to expect

In Noga's one-on-one sessions, you will often experiencing immediate relief and profound shifts in your well-being. The process begins by writing to her what you would like help with. Sessions are then carried out through personal connection via phone or video call. Sessions are 60 minutes long.

  • Energetic Renewal and Holistic Healing:

Noga tunes into your energy field, addressing afflicted physical and emotional areas, facilitating the removal of bodily and emotional toxins, enhancing energy flow, and promoting comprehensive healing of the body and mind. Her techniques encompass a broad spectrum of healing, addressing issues from back pain to emotional imbalances, helping you emerge from each session feeling lighter, more centered, and vibrantly empowered. People often report transformation after just one session!

  • Deeper Dive (Optional):

An opportunity to address unresolved emotional or mental issues. Noga also offers guidance beyond the energy healing, helping move towards life goals and resolve personal challenges. Each session, lasting 60 minutes, leaves you feeling lighter, balanced, and empowered

Session Packages: The highway to fast and sustainable health
Choose between packages of 5 or 10 sessions, for those seeking profound healing beyond surface symptoms, addressing underlying causes such as trauma, unresolved emotions, stuck patterns, and subconscious or debilitating beliefs. These sessions aim to heal hidden wounds, releasing deeper level cause, promoting sustainable well-being by recalibrating mental, physical, and emotional harmonies. Noga's dedicated approach has brought powerful transformative experiences to many. She will help guide you through limiting beliefs and blockages, and achieve personal goals -- cultivate a more happy and fulfilling life.

Business and Financial Success Coaching
With a robust background as a CPA, MBA, and financial analyst, Noga brings a wealth of expertise to her clients. Leveraging her corporate experience, including senior roles in significant global institutions, Noga now dedicates herself to holistic healing and alignment. In her business and financial coaching sessions, Noga uses a multifaceted approach, integrating practical business acumen with profound energetic insights. This synergy lets you navigate through various challenges, unblocking pathways to success, and fostering a connection to your higher potential.

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