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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Quantum Balance Energy Healing?

Quantum Balance Energy Healing is a holistic approach that focuses on restoring and rebalancing the body's energy fields to support physical, mental, and emotional well-being. It harnesses the power of Life Force Energy to promote vitality and healing. In the quantum field, there is no difference between our energetic body and our physical body, so access is immediate and healing can happen instantly.


2. How does Energy Healing work?

Energy Healing operates on the principle that everything, including our thoughts, emotions, and body, vibrates at different energy frequencies. Healers work with the quantum field, where consciousness influences matter, to rebalance energy patterns and remove disturbances.


3. What is Life Force Energy, and why is it important?

Life Force Energy, known as Qi in Chinese and prana in Sanskrit, is the universal vibration of love and well-being that keeps us healthy and alive. It flows through our energetic and physical bodies, playing a vital role in our overall well-being.


4. What are the benefits of Quantum Balance Energy Healing?

Noga's Quantum Healing aims to bring back into balance different body systems such as the endocrine (our hormones), the lymphatic and the central nervous system and by that improve vitality, reduce stress, accelerate healing and enhance overall wellness. It may help with detoxification, pain relief, mental clarity, and emotional balance. Many clients report feeling more relaxed and energized after sessions.


5. How does imbalanced energy affect our health?

Imbalanced energy can manifest as physical, mental, or emotional issues. It disrupts the harmonious flow of Life Force Energy and can be caused by traumas, toxins, negative thoughts, bad bacteria and prolonged stress. Addressing these imbalances can promote healing.


6. Is Energy Healing suitable for everyone?

Yes, Energy Healing is generally safe and suitable for people of all ages. However, if you have specific health concerns or medical conditions, you may want to consult with a healthcare professional to get a thorough diagnosis.


7. What can I expect during an Energy Healing session?

In Noga's one-on-one sessions, people will often experience immediate relief and profound shifts in their well-being. You may experience pain relief, deep relaxation and sensations of warmth tingling or energy movement. ​ Noga tunes into your energy field, addressing afflicted physical and emotional areas, facilitating the removal of bodily and emotional toxins, enhancing energy flow, and promoting healing of the body and mind. Her techniques encompass a broad spectrum of healing, addressing issues from back pain to emotional imbalances. Often she will guide you with breathing and healing frequencies in the form of colors and provide self healing tools to take home so you can apply in your life to help emerge from each session feeling lighter, more centered, and vibrantly empowered. Sessions are currently being offered through personal connection via phone or video call and are 60 minutes long.

8. How many sessions are recommended?

The number of sessions needed varies from person to person and depends on individual goals and health conditions. Many benefit from a single session, while others may choose regular sessions for ongoing wellness.  Those with chronic pain or deep rooted trauma or ailments will benefit most from ongoing sessions to begin (4 or 10 session packages are available at reduced cost). Many also book regular monthly session as a way to maintain and support everyday life and wellbeing.


9. Can sessions be done remotely? Are they as effective as in-person sessions?

Yes, Quantum Healing can be done remotely, and Noga offers sessions online and by phone -- making her services accessible to people worldwide. Energy is not limited by time or space, making distant healing sessions equally effective. Healing energy can be sent wherever it's needed.

10. What qualifications and certifications do you have?

Noga is a certified Quantum-Touch practitioner and a Reiki Master with a background in neuroscience and physiology. Her unique combination of skills and training allows her to offer a holistic approach to healing.


11. What types of conditions can Quantum Balance energy healing sessions help with?

Noga's sessions have been effective in reducing chronic back and neck pain, realigning the body's structure, awakening and balancing the central nervous system and brain function by that reducing stress and or depression, balancing hormones, releasing blockages in the body due to trauma or toxins, accelerated healing of injuries or surgeries, reprogramming of core believes and more. Her approach is comprehensive and holistic.

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