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Quantum Balance Energy Healing is led by Noga Peled, a certified Quantum-Touch practitioner, a Reiki Master & intuitive healer who works by phone and online. Currently offering sessions from Edmonton, Canada to anywhere in the world.

Noga brings a multi-levelled approach to her work and addresses the mind, emotions, body, and spirit. She helps her clients to understand the connection between these levels and how real health, emotional and mental well-being are interconnected.

Noga’s Quantum balance sessions offers an effective method for reducing back pain, realigning structure, balancing the nervous system and internal organs,  endocrine glands and the lymphatic system, releasing emotional blockages, reducing muscle aches, reducing stress and depression, healing injuries, and so much more.  It can address the root cause of disease rather than just working on symptoms, and creates the space for true healing to occur. 

In essence, Noga is facilitating the connection between different parts of the body and within the brain, her work helps restore well-being naturally and she is able to connect the right dots together and help the body get into a state of homeostasis, activating ones own innate healing capacity while clearing the underlying causes of disease and pain.  This leaves the client feeling renewed, refreshed and balanced. 

Noga is a gifted healer who uses high level energy work and is trained in neuroscience and physiology. She is passionate about her work and brings her natural zest for life to help her clients to reconnect, re-balance heal and re-program trauma in their body and brain.

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Noga's Background

Noga's background  is a unique combination of a career in the financial arena while exploring her love to a deeper reality and developing her skills and knowledge in the unseen. She had a successful career in the corporate world and held senior level management positions in the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange in Israel and in one of the largest Utility companies in Alberta, Canada.


It wasn't until she  had a profound shift of perception and experience of a deeper truth that she heard an inner calling and decided to leave everything behind and find her life calling.


She quit her job at the stock exchange and traveled to India in 1998 to "re-think" about life and explore what is it all about. She called it "the journey to find my inner smile" and while traveling  in India for 6 month she completed her training as a Reiki Master. that time she also met her spiritual teacher which will be her inspiration for the next 20 years and who she learned from how to shine light on what is real and become that.


Her previous career as a financial analyst and as a professional accountant CPA, MBA, enables her to offer a multi-levelled kind of approach to healing. Her method combines a deep and profound capacity to see and to move with energy, whilst also bringing that to a practical and integrated level in helping people to move through a wide array of challenges in their daily life, family and professional life.


In this way, Noga's method can be profoundly helpful in addressing physical illnesses and ailments, mental and emotional conditions, relationship difficulties and helping people to connect to their higher selves.

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